Data Science & Analytics

Data Science that delivers

OpenBI supports your data science and analytics initiative by bringing resources to make your data science vision a reality. We take our intimate knowledge of data management and mix in the statistical skills you need. OpenBI approaches data science in a unique, pragamatic way. Taking our BI heritage and mixing it with modern statistical techniques, you wind up with an approach that's ready to work. We can show you how to follow the steps to make your data science initiative one that will last.

Contact us today to discuss the parameters of your requirements and to discover how OpenBI can make your investment in data science & analytics pay off.

Strategic Services: Data science needs to start with sounds hypotheses. Let us show you how to get started scientifically.

Exploration Services: Every good scientist knows the value of research. We can help you put the research framework in place to let you explore with a purpose.

Statistical Services: From simple modeling to advanced machine learning, we can show you the right way to use the latest techniques.

BI/Analytics Integration: Analytics doesn't just belong to statisticians. OpenBI can help you take your core analytics and make them pervasive.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a moniker for an exciting business area that is very new and yet redirects many skills already existing in quantitative business. OpenBI integrates BI practices with data science to ensure you're getting what you really need from your initiatives. What are the capabilities of a data scientist?

  • Business domain knowledge
  • Familiarity with the scientific method
  • Data programming/hacking/munging/integration
  • Data visualization/exploration (agile intelligence)
  • Statistical analysis/machine learning/mathematical optimization
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