Data Architecture

Developing infrastructure

At OpenBI, we've spent decades designing data and business intelligence infrastructures. Regardless of requirements, we know there are many ways to design your BI architecture. We'll help you choose a path that will maximize benefits for your organization’s short and long term BI needs, with minimal risk.

Contact us today to discuss the parameters of your requirements and to discover how OpenBI can make your investment in data architecture pay off.


Get the scoop on Hadoop

OpenBI has expertise in the architecture and integration of the Hadoop ecosystem that includes pure Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. Beyond the core MapReduce functionality, our engineers utilize big data programming technologies such as Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), Pig, and Hive to ensure productivity, maintainable code, and an integrated approach to managing big data with data warehouse content.

Say yes To NoSQL databases

OpenBI is also expert in the integration of NoSQL databases, like HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB for real-time access and updating of big data. Our engineers can help integrate these new data stores into your warehouse and analytic databases, as well as utilize connector and analytic software technology for direct reporting.

Power up with analytic databases

OpenBI’s big data architecture includes new high performance analytic databases like Vectorwise, Netezza, Vertica and Greenplum. Unlike Hadoop and NoSQL, these stores support SQL-based intelligence with the ability to query billions of rows of information.

Grow from a relational database foundation

OpenBI engineers design and implement an end-to-end data architecture that leverages Hadoop, NoSQL, high performance analytical databases, with RDBMS-driven data warehouses and marts. OpenBI has the skills you need to maximize your database investments.

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