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Transforming data

Transforming raw data into useful information is what it's all about. OpenBI has built a team of experts in end-to-end business intelligence solutions. We know how to combine the best BI technologies and techniques to get you what you need. Take a look at what we can do for you.

Contact us today to discuss the parameters of your requirements and to discover how OpenBI can make your investment in BI technologies pay off.

Dazzle with dashboard deployments

OpenBI builds dashboard applications with open source & proprietary technologies for levels from executive to analyst. Open source dashboards offer the same features as proprietary technologies, like drill through on interactive charts and dials, while also enabling integration with existing websites. OpenBI has built integrated dashboard applications with open source technologies for all levels of users. Let OpenBI help turn your data into the tools users need.

Get stable parameterized & ad-hoc reporting

Sometimes, simple reporting can deliver the metrics you need to manage your business. OpenBI works with all leading open source technologies to deliver your financial, operations and sales data in easy to access reports. Open Source reporting can be delivered to the people who need it via web sites and email in any number of popular document, spreadsheet and HTML formats. Users can specify parameters, schedule the reports and deliver them automatically or on demand. OpenBI can help you take your data and reporting needs and distill them into a complete open source reporting platform.

Open doors with OLAP analysis

When your users like to explore their data, open source OLAP technologies are the answer. Open Source OLAP technologies give users a web-based, interactive tool to drill and explore trends across time, person, division, office or any other dimension in the data. They can drill up, down and through data to find the answers they need. The OLAP engine can also power other open source components, including dashboards and reports. OpenBI can get your data into shape and deploy OLAP analysis as part of a comprehensive reporting solution. If you’ve been constrained by long running queries and costly license fees, take a look at what OpenBI can do for you with open source OLAP technology.

See the possibilities with data science

Reporting, OLAP and dashboarding often aren’t enough to find the trends and make the decisions you need. Fortunately, open source technology is. Currently considered the standard in higher education and other centers of learning, open source statistical technologies offer the latest analytic techniques without the significant up-front licensing costs of commercial alternatives. OS stats showcase all techniques available in expensive proprietary technologies. Whether you’re looking at simple regressions, clustering or advanced bootstrapping techniques, you’ll find that open source statistical analysis provides what you need. OpenBI has decades of experience in statistical analysis techniques. We can help you boost the power of your business intelligence environment in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago. Open Source technology has changed the game for statisticians. Let us show you how it’s done.


Open source database technology is now enterprise class. With features like clustering, partitioning, bitmap indexing and columnar storage engines, OS databases can be effectively used for data warehouses, data marts and other analytical data structures. The open MySQL and Postgres platforms have spawned a new generation of databases, like Infobright, Vertica and EnterpriseDB, that rely on their core technology. Accelerated development by the communities has made open source databases viable alternatives for companies that want the features of enterprise class technology at a fraction of the cost. OpenBI has experience in both proprietary and open source database technologies, and the skills needed to make the most of your database investments.

Extract, transform, and load/data integration technology

In the past, when organizing and accessing data, you had two choices: build a series of complex, hard-to-maintain SQL programs, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a proprietary ETL package. Open Source ETL packages have made this thinking obsolete. OSETL offers advanced technology to access, integrate and organize data across hundreds of sources, and to deploy it anywhere you need it, all with an easy-to-use, graphical interface. This new generation of data integration technology has been built from the ground up with open standards, allowing you to deploy data integration as traditional batch programs, or directly into websites to power real-time, dynamic reports. OpenBI has spent decades solving data integration problems. We have the experience in OSETL technology to unleash your data, while keeping your infrastructure investments in check.

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