Analytics Technologies

Applying science

We have deep skills in all areas surrounding the development and deployment of analytics technologies. From munging and integration to statistical analysis, here is a sampling of what we can do for you.

Contact us today to discuss the parameters of your requirements and to discover how OpenBI can make your investment in analytics technologies pay off.

Data munging/integration

As BI and big data experts, OpenBI knows that data preparation and integration are necessary prerequisites to successful analytics deployments. We’re well versed in the design and build of analytics data stores using relational and columnar databases, the Hadoop big data ecosystem, and ETL technologies from BI vendors Pentaho and Talend. We’re also experts on the agile data munging languages Perl, Python and Ruby.

Data visualization

Static graphics and interactive visualization are both now core to the analytics work of data scientists. OpenBI has expertise in the statistical graphics packages of the R Project for Statistical Computing. In addition, we’ve adopted the leading interactive visualization packages Tableau, Spotfire from Tibco and Omniscope from Visokio. Both Spotfire and Omniscope integrate closely with R to combine the strengths statistical modeling and dynamic visualization.

Statistical analysis/machine learning

Central to the work of data scientists are the statistical and machine learning packages that generate predictive models. And R is the statistical platform of choice for most of OpenBI’s customers. R’s big data integration with Hadoop, Netezza and Oracle is particularly attractive.

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