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Who we are

OpenBI is a professional services firm focused on helping our customers extract maximum value from their growing data assets. Our transformative services and solutions combine expertise in big data architecture, advanced analytics and best-practice business intelligence system design/deployment. Our staff of experienced data and analytics professionals integrate modern data science techniques with a proven business intelligence approach to deliver results quickly. We’re considered both innovative and pragmatic by our customers – delivering top-tier intelligence solutions efficiently and economically.

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Our goals

OpenBI is committed to delivering data-driven intelligence to the marketplace through the use of low-cost big data, business intelligence and analytics technologies. We measure success from the business performance improvements of our clients, who attain benefits by leveraging OpenBI’s unique mix of veteran consultants, low-cost technology expertise, and disciplined performance management and data science methodologies.

Affordable, high quality solutions

The high cost of current BI deployments can be traced to the pernicious combination of per-user software pricing with the high cost of proprietary, best-of-breed technology integration. Although the quality of proprietary solutions has improved significantly over the past decade, the pace of innovation is decelerating. As a result, OSBI technologies are catching up (in some cases passing) the overall quality of proprietary components.

Open & proprietary integration

OpenBI is committed to providing our clients with the expertise necessary to make educated decisions on the use of OSBI technologies. We focus on reducing your risk of utilizing open source, while simultaneously decreasing your time to benefit through pre-integrated, pluggable OSBI architectures that work with your existing technologies. By finding the right combination of OS and proprietary technologies, we can help you achieve immediate financial savings while ensuring long-term platform viability.

Ultimately, we help our customers test and improve their business processes by fostering evidence-based decision-making and focused application data-driven capabilities.

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